Southwest Beds

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May 30, 2009: Click here for 1999 - before and after landscaping.

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Liriope Daylilies Ajuga Redbud tree Bradford Pear French Mulberry

Sept.25, 2010:

Added a total of 65 daffodil bulbs, 21 fall-blooming bulbs, and 30 Donald Duck Tulip bulbs.

The daylilies to the left of the new planting area are doing well, despite the fact that I didn't lay screening down and the armadillo
has been rooting around in them. The bulbs got the screening. (The area in front of the screening has nothing planted there. I left this
hoping that the armadillo will dig there instead. Didn't work. Had to add screening to the daylilies.)

Because of all the tree roots (and sprinkler pipe) in the area, I did not attempt to dig up the soil. The daffodils and tulips are supposed
to be planted 6" deep, so we just put them on the ground and layed a mix of top soil and compost 6" thick on top, then the chicken wire,
then the mulch. A week later, we added 40 more daffodil bulbs. (Click here to see.).

In the unscreened area of soil above, 21 fall-blooming bulbs were planted, including 3 colchicum, 5 Crocus zonatus albus, 3 Sterbergia lutea, and 10 Crocus speciosus.
Unfortunately, these didn't do much and never came back in following years.

Daffodils and Tulips. Mar.22, 2011:

Mar.28, 2011:
The tulips have started to fade and the mixed double daffodils in the back (left in this pic) are blooming.

June 25, 2014:
The once-bare bed is now filled with Daylilies, Beardtongue/Penstemon, Monarda and Black-eyed Susans. Ajuga covers the ground in front of the Bradford Pear tree.
From left to right at the front of the bed is Verbena, Scabiosa, and a freshly planted bed of Sedum.

June 15, 2015:

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