Northwest bed. 'Stella D'Oro'. May 2005.

Northwest bed. 'Little Business' (right of Monarda, left of Stella D'Oro). June 25, 2014

Southwest bed. 'Bright Sunset'. June 20, 2009

Southwest bed. June 29, 2014:

South side of circle, May 30, 2009:

East side of circle, June 7, 2009:

East side of circle, July 2, 2009:


'Elegant Candy'

'Always Afternoon' - east side of circle


East side of circle, 2013:

'Custard Candy'


'Fooled Me'

'Green Eggs and Ham'

'Ice Fragrance' - Street Bed, 2010

'Janice Brown'

'Soft Summer Night'

Bed behind mail box:

'Wineberry Candy'

Happy Returns- All summer long, delicate stems bloom with 3 " lemon-yellow flowers. Grows 16" tall with a spread of 12" or more.
Always Afternoon- The edges of each petal are lightly crimped while the sepals remain smooth. Grows 20-22" tall with an 18-24" spread.
Baja- Each 6" flower is composed of velvety crimson petals and a bright green throat. Reaches 26" in height with a 18-24" spread.
Wineberry Candy- One of the first to bloom. Flowers up to 5" across. Reaches 20-22" in height with an 18-24" spread.
Spanish Glow- These fragrant blooms are a favorite for butterflies! Grows 26-30" tall with an 18-24" spread.
Pardon Me- Winner of 4 major awards! Sports dozens of blooms on 16-18" tall stems. Spreads 12-14".
Ice Carnival- 6" flowers. Grows up to 28" tall with an 18-24" spread. Lovely fragrance, too!
Gordon Biggs- 4" flowers are raspberry red with bright red eye zone and medium-green throat. Grows 26" tall with a 18-24" spread.
Buttered Popcorn- yellow blooms appear atop 18-24" stems. Spreads 12-18".
Razzamatazz- Grows 18-24" tall.