Azalea Bed

A kind neighbor gave us (left to right) 3 Encore Azaleas (1 is gone from this picture), some Coreopsis, some Liriope, and a Nandina, so we made a bed with them.
One of the 3 Azaleas was in bad shape and died. The other two barely survived a very harsh winter and then the following harsher winter did them in. Of course, nothing kills a Nandina, though it looks pretty scrawny in the picture below this one.

See Azaleas in main lot.

Sept. 24, 2015:
After the two azaleas seen in the picture above died, they were replaced with a Black Cohosh and a Goat's Beard.
Both disappeared during the winter. The Goat's Beard looked pretty bad, but it came back the next spring.

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