Calla Lily

I love these Calla Lilies but they have been through some rough times because Kay has been putting large Angel Trumpets into this bed
and they cover them up. Only three have survived.

"Calla lilies require a dormant period once flowering has ceased. During this time, refrain from watering as much to allow the plant to die back."
These are in the sprinkler system, so this was not done, but it didn't seem to affect them.

One site says:

    "Dig up the rhizomes in autumn, usually after the first frost, and shake off any soil.
    Allow them to dry out for a few days before storing the rhizomes for winter.
    Calla lilies should be stored in peat moss and located in a cool, dry area, preferably dark,
    until warmer temperatures return in spring."
    - We have never done any of this; maybe it's meant for colder areas.

May 15, 2013:

June 22, 2013:

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