We have found that any time we do not apply Bayers Advanced All-In-One at least once per year, the Azaleas suffer. Bayers says every 6 weeks.
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See Azaleas in the side lot.

Encore Azaleas left/North of front porch.
Click here to see the Azaleas in 2000.

Right/South of front porch.

Below master bedroom windows.

Azaleas in Northeast bed (by garage):

Two bad winters in a row in 2014 and 2015 played havoc with the azaleas.
We didn't think the ones by the house would survive but they did and are slowly filling back in.
Those by the garage had another problem - angel trumpets planted nearby overgrew them and killed two of the three.

Sept. 17, 2015:
Golden Lights Azalea: These azaleas have two things going for them - they are hardy to minus 30 degrees and they are supposed to be "covered with large orange-yellow bloom trusses in last spring." They had to live in pots for several months while the street bed in front of the side lot was being enlarged. As shown, one came pretty dried out looking but seems to have survived. The leaves changed to a darker color. Hopefully, they will come out of that.