Fern Bed

June 28, 2014:
This is the first bed on the right when entering the side lot from the driveway.
The Ferns are along the back, then Hellebores across the middle, with Dragon Wing Begonias up front.
Three Goat's Beards were moved out of the bed to the top-right.

April 27, 2015:
The begonias were annuals; I replanted a couple of cuttings but they didn't prosper.
The hellebores are doing great despite not being watered. The ferns are still around in this picture but they were done in by, I suspect, a summer droughts.

Here are the plants between the Fern bed and a Daylily bed:

See Ferns in main lot.

Side Lot overview Penstemon Center bed
Virginia Bluebells Crested Iris bed Daylily beds Fern bed
Daffodil bed 1 Daffodil bed 2 Azalea bed
Daffodil bed 3
Street bed

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