Canna Lily

Nov. 11, 2015:
First planted in the street bed. Everything left of and including the Daisy was dug up and
put into a container to make room to get a wheelbarrow through to the back of the new bed.

April 11, 2016:
After the street bed expansion, the canna lilies were moved to the back of the bed.
The angel trumpet to its left was meant to be the large focal point anchoring the back of the bed.

June 23, 2016:
Good thing the canna lillies were moved to the back. They are about 7' tall and make the angel trumpet look puny.

Dwarf cannas stay under 3' tall.
Standard varieties grow 4'-6' tall.
Drought-tolerant varieties grow over 6'.

Most varieties need 1" of water a week. I got a canna rhizome from a community xeriscape garden which I help maintain. As the name indicates, in that garden, it doesn't get watered and it does fine. However, in my yard, it did nothing, perhaps due to not enough sun. The one pictured above gets 6+ hours of sun and is watered 1"+ a week.

Most web sites say that the canna is not hardy below zone 8 and we are in zone 7b. The ones in the xeriscape garden overwinter nicely there. Even the one in our side lot overwintered, though it never grew much and didn't bloom. The one pictured above was put back in the new bed in December and obviously did well, though we had a mild winter.