Daylily Beds


When entering the side lot from the driveway, there are two Daylily beds, one on the left of the path and one on the right.
These were initially planted with Daylilies taken from our main yard, but 6 'Macbeth' reblooming Daylilies were added to the front of the left bed.

The beds were put close to the driveway to make it less likely that deer would get to them, but one morning shortly after they started coming up,
they were found eaten down to the ground:

Given the damage and the amount of shade these beds are in, expectations for flowers were low, but after spreading some "Repels All" granules around them, they grew back up and were blooming profusely.

Going out one morning to take a picture of the many flowers, I found them and many of the buds gone. The previous Repels All granules had probably been washed out by the rain, so more was applied in both granule and spray form and the deer have not bothered them again.

June 23, 2014:
The few remaining buds did provide flowers, though not as profusely as before:

See Daylilies in main lot.

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