Center Bed

Side lot

Oct. 26, 2013:
The center of the lot gets the most sunlight because as can be seen below, there are fewer trees across the area.
All the stuff planted was from elsewhere in our yard, mainly things Kay had already put in pots such as buckeyes, beautyberries, crested irises, and beardtongues (penstemon).

Orange flags were used to keep track of where things were planted because it is a large lot with quite a bit of wild vegetation growing across it and more popping up all the time.

June 22, 2014:
Here are plants along the main path edge of the center bed:

Angel Trumpet Coneflowers Buckeye French Mulberry Barberry Butterfly Weed Clematis Zinnias

More plants to the right of those above:

Monarda Beautyberry Widow's Tears Arum Italicum

Center bed in the fall - Nov. 8, 2015:

Side Lot overview Penstemon Center bed
Virginia Bluebells Crested Iris bed Daylily beds Fern bed
Daffodil bed 1 Daffodil bed 2 Azalea bed Goat's Beard
Daffodil bed 3
Street bed

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