Nandina is drought resistant and grows in all kinds of soil and can be found growing in the wild and along streets in HSV.
Most of the Nandina in our yard is from the original landscaping, but those near the street came up wild and we transplanted them.

Master Gardeners don't like nandinas because they are invasive and hard to get rid of.
Our landscaper put nandina in several places in our yard and they have never spread.

Nandinas are evergreen and put out red berries. Their foilage changes colors during the year.

Dwarf Nandina, September 2002:

Dwarf Nandina, November 2003:

Wild Nandina

We thought this was going to bush out and screen this utility box, but it got tall and spindly instead, and we are not in the pruning business.
March 2000:
April 2009:

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