Olina Tango Lily

Three of these were planted in October 2009 in the back of the "street bed" amidst some irises.
When they first flowered in May 2010, the plants were over 3' tall.

June 2, 2010             Closeup of flowers             Oct.11, 2009

Here is the catalog picture and description:

Tango Lilies combine exciting, new bloom colours with outstanding garden performance. With their dramatic 4-5" flowers, rich green leaves and subtle, seductive fragrance, they command attention in any garden setting. The long-lasting blooms and sturdy stems also make unforgettable indoor displays. So easy to grow—simply plant and enjoy! Carefree Tango Lilies grow vigourously and perform beautifully right from the start. No need to dig up the bulbs in fall—the hardy plants can remain in the garden year-round, increasing in number and beauty with each passing year. Asiatic lilies.