Robina Lily Tree

The name "Lily Tree" appears to be a marketing gimmick for a tall lily which is actually a Orienpet Hybrid,
which is an interspecific cross between Oriental and Trumpet lilies.

The advertising claims that Lily Trees grow to 3' the first year, 5' the second, and 8' the third.
We've yet to see an 8' Lily after 5 years, but members of the online garden club, Dave's Garden are reporting heights up to 10'.

Another claim is that the "trunks" get so thick that the plant does not need staking.
Not true in our yard, but they may not get enough sun where we have them.
We moved 4 of them to the street bed.

June 26, 2009:

Aug. 13, 2009:

June 19, 2010:

June 22, 2011: