Wax Leaf Ligustrum

Wax Leaf Ligustrum makes a great privacy screen. In our case, we wanted to screen off the side of the house from the golf course. The only problem is that it must be given enough room to spread out. We have to keep it trimmed back from the house and the yard, which is why the blossoms in this picture are only on top. It would be preferable to plant it where it would have room.

One nice thing about it being next to the house is that when it blossoms in May, we can open the windows and let the fragrance fill the house
(though I have read comments from people online who do not like the smell -- different strokes...)

Feb.14, 2010
The ligustrum suffered a lot of ice damage during the winter of 2009-10. Quite a bit had to be cut off.

July 1, 2014:

May 25, 2015: