Blue Chip Juniper was used the most by the landscaper. It did fine the first few years, but even in this
2002 picture, you can see that the closer it gets to the Cedar tree, the smaller it gets.

It eventually started developing dead spots for unknown reasons.
The Juniper around the base of the Cedar has long since died.
Also note that a large section of the Zoysia grass has also died (April 29, 2009).

We pulled up the Juniper and replaced it with Cotoneaster.

Not only has the Cotoneaster done great, but the lawn came back after we switched from fertilizer on it to using city compost (free in Hot Springs) spread over it.

Blue Forest Juniper is aptly named because it looks like a small forest.
Year 2001:

What little Blue Forest Juniper was used in our landscape has held up fine,
despite being in the shade and crowded by other plants, as seen in this 2009 photo:

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