Blue Grape Hyacinth, back yard, March 26, 2010:                 See original planting, October 25, 2009

Snow Drops were mixed in, but while they came up, they did not bloom this year.

See the catalog page and pictures.

April 2, 2014:
Batch of grape hyacinths under the front cedar tree:

Sept.23, 2010:

Last year I noticed that the ajuga started blooming about the same time the grape hyacinth were fading.
Because the flowers look similar, I thought it would be interesting to mix some grape hyacinths in with the ajuga to extend the flowering time.
I used the auger to drill holes for the hyacinth bulbs to minimize damage to the ajuga. Even with the auger it was hard digging.

Hyacinths blooming:

Ajuga blooming:

Hyacinths in the Side Lot

March 21, 2014, in Daffodil Bed 1:
The large hyacinths don't seem to come back as reliably as the grape hyacinths.

April 11, 2016, along the front of the street bed: