Our original (1999) landscaping included what we knew at the time only as "Indian Blanket".
It had beautiful, long-lasting blooms, but after a couple of years, the plant quit coming back.

A couple of years later, we found some Indian Blanket seeds while travelling in Texas and they did beautifully.
(Check them out.) But they, too, did not come back.

Because we liked them so much, we are trying again in 2009. This one is called Dwarf Gaillardia 'Goblin'.
We bought it from and planted it June 4, 2009.

A little more research as turned up that Gaillardia is what is referred to as a "short-lived perennial", which
explains our experience with it. It supposedly propagates easily by seeding if the flower stalks are left after
the flowers wilt, instead of deadheading it.

I only ordered one at first because they spread out so much before, but this one looks so puny that in October, I got another one to plant near it. The new one is just right of the center of the picture. What's left of the original one is just below the center, just above the smaller rock.

Update, April 2010: So far there is no sign of them. This will probably be my last attempt.

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