In bed by the street, March 22, 2004:

Back yard, March 26, 2010:

Driveway circle, west side, March 27, 2010:

Driveway circle, south side, March 17, 2010:

White Mix Daffodils

Southwest bed, Sept.26, 2010.

Here is the catalog picture and description:

Our unique blend of white daffodil varieties offers a beautiful and luminous display that will continue blooming for two months! Hand-selected mixture includes a wide array of large-cupped, doublecupped, trumpet, and triandrus daffodils, each of which blooms at a slightly different time in the season. The result is our longest-blooming mixture of white daffodils ever. You will enjoy these flowers in your flower arrangements throughout the spring season. Will increase in number and beauty each year, so be sure to plant them with plenty of room.

Well, we did plant them with plenty of room, but my experience is that with a mixture of bulbs which don't bloom at the same time, it looks pretty sparse, so I would like to have planted them even closer together than we did.

Double Daffodil Collection

Oct.1, 2010.
5 each of 5 different types of double daffodils in southwest bed.

Here are the catalog pictures:

Rosy Cloud


White Lion

Flower Drift

Golden Beauty

Spring Cheer Daffodil

Oct.1, 2010
15 bulbs in southwest bed.
      Here is the catalog picture and description:

An amazing 15-20 blooms cover each stem of this unique daffodil! Thereís nothing else like it. A dazzling spring display thatís a star performer in pots and borders. Plant several bulbs together in the fall, then listen for the spring compliments as they bloom. Try a single stem in a vase for an instant arrangement.