White Blazing Star

Liatris spicata 'Alba'

Oct.20, 2009:
Planted middle of picture. They never came up; may have been too shady for them.

Catalog picture and description:

Feathery spikes of pure white flowers, 18-36" tall, bloom in mid to late summer. Hardy bulbs, like the popular White Blazing Star, produce long-lived flowers and foliage that tend to grow larger and multiply annually for years of beauty. And because the bulbs can stay in the ground, hardy bulbs naturalize very well. Plant 12-24" apart. 8-10 cm bulbs. Full sun - Partial shade - Zones: 3-9. Foliage Type: Unbranched, erect stems with thin lanceolate grass-like, mid-green foliage. Flower Form: 1' Stiff bottle-brush of dense flowers at top of each spike, opening at the top first and continues blooming downward.