Kay Ford

Kay was born Kay Hightower on March 5, 1955 to Arline and Shelton Hightower.
She has two older sisters, Judy and Denise, and one younger one, Kim.
To her family, Kay is known as "Sissy".

Kay went to work for Pennzoil Company in Shreveport and moved to Houston in 1975 where she met Nelson who worked for Pennzoil there. Nelson and Kay were married on May 1, 1976.

Kay worked in the accounting department of Pennzoil for about 12 years. In 1985, she quit Pennzoil to run the business side of Nelson's software business. (Nelson took care of the technical side.)

In 1999, Kay and Nelson sold the business and after much looking around, retired to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

We have always been big on taking pictures, but most of them were just wasting away in a box where nobody would ever see them. It's been a lot of fun going back through them to create this web biography of Kay.

Kay Through The Ages
Kay aged for about 16 or 17 years, then stopped.
Click the picture on the left to see proof.

Kay's Family
Kay's family has always been an important part of her life.

Kay and Nelson
Kay and Nelson met in 1975 and married May 1, 1976.

Kay's hobbies/interests include biking, hiking, kayaking, working in the yard, sunning, cooking and reading.

Food is also an important part of Kay's life.
She doesn't eat food, but loves to fix it.

Kay went from bell bottoms and mini-skirts to business suits.
But now she lives in her hiking, biking, and kayaking gear.
If it doesn't "wick" sweat away, she doesn't wear it.

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